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How Effective Are Your Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts?

The voices of survivors and student activists are demanding accountability from college campuses to combat sexual violence. Unprecedented action has been taken by the federal government to ramp up regulations and crack down on schools falling short of their responsibilities to protect and support students. As the result of a predominant focus on compliance with […]

5 Evidence-Based Tips for Maximizing Prevention Efforts with Incoming Students

As the 2015-16 school year gets underway, we, as campus prevention professionals, are all a year further from our own college experience. Do you remember what coming to campus was like⎯the emotions (excitement, anxiety, uncertainty), the events (moving in, saying goodbye, orientation), the information we got about health, wellness, and safety? The messages we provide […]

How to Exceed Clery Act and Title IX Compliance Mandates

As of July 1st, federal legislation has gone into effect requiring all colleges and universities to offer “primary prevention and awareness programs” to all incoming students and employees, as well as “ongoing prevention and awareness campaigns” – all dedicated to help address campus sexual assault. These guidelines are part of the Clery Act, put in […]

Leveraging Climate Data to Strengthen Institutional Commitment to Sexual Assault Prevention

Note – The subject of this post will be covered in an upcoming webinar entitled, “A Holistic Approach to Sexual Assault Prevention on Campus”. Register here to reserve your place. Campus sexual assault has dominated headlines for the past two years, and for good reason. In addition to the oft-cited statistic that 1 in 5 […]

Prevention as a Process, Not a Program

Colleges and universities are taking a wide range of approaches to tackle issues of student wellness. When asked to describe prevention efforts in place, it’s easy to default to listing out the programs offered to students. This list often varies from campus to campus in terms of the number of programs, the timing and target audience, […]

Campus Climate Surveys: A finger on the pulse and the purse strings of higher education

July’s release of findings from Senator Claire McCaskill’s (D-MO) survey of over four hundred institutions of higher education highlighted a range of shortcomings in efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault on our nation’s campuses. While most would agree that the heightened federal focus on addressing campus sexual assault is a good thing, very […]

Beyond Victim-Blaming: Incorporating Risk-Reduction in Sexual Assault Prevention

Emily Yoffe’s recent Slate.com article titled “College Women: Stop Getting Drunk” has received much attention, and is problematic for a number of reasons. To start, I agree with her premise that we must talk about the role of alcohol in sexual assault and present students with a variety of risk-reduction strategies that include decreased alcohol […]

EverFi Elevates the Conversation About Campus Sexual Assault

Great things happen when the right people are part of the process. According to special guest speaker Lynn Rosenthal,White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, EverFi’s panel event on campus sexual assault prevention at the National Press Club on Wednesday brought together “exactly the right people to have this very conversation.” Indeed, the panelists represented […]