From the Field – Fratt Elementary, Racine, Wisconsin

On April 10th, Sabina Chandiramani from EVERFI and Shannon Huot from Educators Credit Union visited Cinda Poppe’s class to celebrate her 4th grade students’ hard work around financial literacy! During this classroom visit, the students showcased their knowledge as they played a financial fitness jeopardy game and were then presented with their certificates of mastery. Cinda was so happy about how students responded to the program and said, “I am just amazed at how engaging Vault is for my students!”.

Schools Manager: Sabina Chandiramani
Teacher: Cinda Poppe
School: Fratt Elementary, Racine Unified School District
City: Racine, Wisconsin
Course: Vault

From the Field – Florin High School, Sacramento, CA

Mr Fairchild is the first to tell you he is the “founding teacher” of EVERFI in his district of Elk Grove. Mr Fairchild has implemented the program in his Business Math classes for 3+ school years and even included the curriculum in his summer school classrooms at a private school. On Friday, April 28 – U.S. Bank volunteers Pam Maxwell, Wayne Moore & Harald Junker joined his classes for a hands on budget activity with students.

Schools Manager: Hayley McKane
Teacher: Randall Fairchild
School: Florin High School, Elk Grove Unified
City: Sacramento, CA
Course: EVERFI – U.S. Bank’s Financial GeniUS Program

From the Field – Conway High School, Conway, Arkansas

Kicked off EVERFI – Financial Literacy in Mrs. Hardee’s two banking classes as part of the Bank of the Ozarks Financial Scholars Program. Debra Bowser from the bank also attended. The students run a fully operational student bank as part of the class and she wanted students to certify in financial literacy as they worked on opening up and operating the bank throughout the semester.

Schools Manager: Aaron Harris
Teacher: Alyce Hardee
School: Conway High School, Conway Public Schools
City: Conway, Arkansas
Course: EVERFI – Financial Literacy

From the Field – Snowden International School, Boston, MA

As part of the Metro Credit Union Sponsorship, the math teachers at Snowden International School were able weave financial literacy instruction into their core curriculum this semester. A total of 131 students engaged in the program and participated in the event, with over 70 students who were awarded certificates of completion. Photographed is Charlene Bauer (SVP Metro Credit Union) awarding students, alongside Eugene Roundtree (Snowden International School Principal) addressing the group and calling student names.

Schools Manager: Margaret Bane
Teacher: Carlos Zalduondo & Eliane Vasconcelos
School: Snowden International School, Boston Public Schools
City: Boston, MA
Course: EVERFI – Financial Literacy

From the Field – Salvation Army Center, Vancouver, WA

Before my visit on Thursday, the Director of the Salvation Army Center in Vancouver, WA, told me a story about a 4th grade boy using Vault whose parents were pleasantly surprised to hear he wanted to open a savings account. As long as he kept his grades up, they said, his mom would open one up for him at the end of the school year. I got to meet Lamar during my visit, and had a whole conversation about finances – how he understands there are always choices to be made, and how he thought hard about what he would spend his birthday money on (he bought Call of Duty:).

I was warned he was feeling grumpy on Thursday, so even though we had a great conversation, here he is in all of his grumpy glory! He later laughed, but I think these pictures are great as is.

Schools Manager: Jessie Stone
Teacher: Captain Laura & Anna Marneris
School: Salvation Army Center
City: Vancouver, WA
Course: Vault

From the Field – Prague High School, Prague, OK

In early March, I co-hosted a classroom launch with Pam Pratka, a 29 year Vision Bank veteran and Ms. Miranda Smith at Prague High School. Her students were so engaged with the EverFi – Financial Literacy program and went straight to work. At the end of the class period, one young man told me he actually found the information quite interesting, with a big, bright smile!

Schools Manager: Wyjuana Montgomery
Teacher: Miranda Smith
School: Prague High School, Prague Public Schools
City: Prague, OK
Course: EverFi, Vision Bank Financial Scholars Program

From the Field – Valley View Jr. High School, Jonesboro, AR

Mr. Sanders invited me to come down and join three of his agriculture classes as they kicked off the FutureSmart program. Students in these classes work in their school garden tending and growing vegetables which are then sold at a local farmer’s market. The students also have the opportunity  to work at the market to earn money selling their vegetables. FutureSmart was a great way to introduce students to real life financial literacy topics and to give them a few ideas for handling the money they’ve earned from selling vegetables.

Schools Manager: Aaron Harris
Teacher: Anthony Sanders
School: Valley View Jr. High School, Valley View Public Schools
City: Jonesboro, AR
Course: FutureSmart

From the Field – The Edison K-8 School, Boston, MA

Over Boston Public School’s February vacation week, 24, 3rd & 4th grade Edison students were working hard to “sharpen the saw” using Vault through First Republic Bank’s sponsorship. Although it was a short 4-day week, the students were able to login and work on the modules while they were in school, something they looked forward to doing before going home each day. On the last day of vacation, First Republic representative Heather Lombardo and Rhyshonda Singletary visited the class with me to honor their hard work and celebrate the students success with Vault. Although only 5 students actually became certified, the rest of the class was just one or two modules away. The class was so excited to show us what they learned through a fun game of Jeopardy that we played with Vault questions. Each students was able to leave February vacation’s “Acceleration Academy” week with a First Republic piggy bank, and some even with a certificate.

School Manager: Maraget Bane
Teacher: Jarod Johnson
School:The Edison K-8 School, Boston Public Schools
City: Boston, MA
Course: Vault

From the Field – H.M. King High School, Kingsville, TX

Ms. Carrillo’s seniors have been using the EverFi course this year and we had the pleasure of bringing in a member of 1st Community Bank of Corpus Christi to host a certification ceremony with the students. Beyond receiving the certificates, the students dominated financial literacy Jeopardy and shared incredibly thoughtful reflections and posed meaningful questions about their own financial wellness and future. It was so amazing to hear the students’ reflections and to hear from Ms. Carrillo about the impact the course has had on this group of students as well as her past classes who have since graduated.

School Managers: Dakota Rubin & Heather Witcher
Teacher: Diana Carrillo
School: H.M. King High School in Kingsville ISD
City: Kingsville, TX
Course: EverFi