February Student of the Month Contest Winner

EverFi is excited to announce the winner of the Student of the Month Contest for the month of February, Daniel O. from Iowa! We asked students all over North America to share with us the lessons they learned after becoming certified in of one of EverFi’s K-12 learning courses, as well as how this program has helped shaped their plans for the future. We love hearing the inspirational stories that come from our student network and we look forward to hearing many more each month!

February Winner

Daniel O.

Norwalk Senior High School

Marla Frantum’s Class

It was the first day of summer vacation and I was up at six, just as the sun came up, going to work.  This was my first full time job.  It required 8 hours of work per day, 5 days a week.  This work brought about physical and mental challenges, but I also noticed a third challenge that I never thought I would have.  I thought to myself, how in the world am I going to manage this money that is now steadily coming in?  My money management was elementary compared to what EverFi taught me.  My saving technique involved a coffee can under my bed.  Having completed EverFi Financial Literacy, I now have more skills than ever before to manage my money.  The EverFi program taught me about savings accounts, checking accounts, debit cards, credit cards, stocks, bonds, CDs, and so much more.  I learned about the differing interest rates from savings accounts to checking accounts.  I also learned what type of account is best for me depending on my current financial position.  Upon acquiring this information, I went to my local bank and opened both a savings account and checking account.  My money is now safer due to the fact that the FDIC is insuring my account up to $250,000, something I never knew before taking EverFi’s course.  This makes my money much more secure than in a coffee can under my bed.  EverFi will hold a lasting impact on my life because of the lessons that it taught me regarding money management.

My life goals include getting a good job that I love to do.  I want to be able to be financially stable when I grow older.  A way for me to maintain my financial literacy is to get a good paying job and save and invest my money well.  EverFi has given me a good jump start into the real world because of the information that has been implanted in my mind about saving, investing, types of cards, etc.  Making wise choices about what types of accounts to open and where to invest your money is the difference between being financially stable and living day to day.  Specifically, one major thing that EverFi taught me is to not spend money that you do not have.  This relates directly to credit cards and I have taken this to heart.  Credit cards can be a good resource, but they can also get people in a lot of trouble.  I will try to never spend more money than I bring in, because it is much easier to live when you aren’t trying to dig yourself out of a financial hole.

A mistake that I see people making all of the time is taking out loans for the wrong reasons at terrible times. Multiple people I know have taken out loans while they are still in high school for cars and trucks that look cool.  I think this is foolish, because in a few years they will have to take out loans for college, too.  These people that take out loans for cars will have a hard time paying off the loans, as well as the higher interest rates that come with them.  My attitude towards not wanting to take out a loan if I can help it is going to help me stay ahead in the long run.

Expanding Student Financial Education with Kentucky Coach John Calipari

At EverFi, we’re fortunate to work with over 1,000 partners who are helping bring students across North America the critical skills they need to be successful in life. While our partners include a wide variety of organizations including sports leagues, foundations, financial institutions, manufacturers, and colleges and universities – to name a few – one commonality is a desire to change the equation for students today.

Coach John Calipari is among the most successful college basketball coaches in history.   In addition to leading the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team, Coach Calipari has also made a deep commitment to supporting and strengthening communities across Kentucky. He’s a leader who understands how to leverage his role for social benefit – and how to leave a personal legacy that goes beyond the basketball court.

Calipari Foundation

Since 2011, we’ve partnered with the Calipari Foundation to extend financial education opportunities to elementary school students across the commonwealth of Kentucky.  To date, Coach Cal’s foundation has impacted almost 20,000 students with this online curriculum.  Coach Cal and a group of  local sponsors – including Commercial Bank of Grayson, Farmers National Bank of Danville, First Community Bank, First Kentucky Bank, First National Bank of Brooksville, First National Bank of Manchester, Republic Bank, and Whitaker Bank –  have made the program possible and over 150 incredibly passionate and dedicated teachers have extended it into the classroom.  It’s a great team effort that’s driving real benefit for students across the Commonwealth.

Amidst an incredible season that has seen the Kentucky Wildcats secure the number one national ranking and extend their record to 29-0, we had an opportunity to spend a few minutes with Coach Cal to hear why financial preparedness is so important and to also have him answer questions from students across Kentucky.

View this video on Vimeo: Coach Calipari Discusses the Importance of Financial Education

Thanks for your continued support, Coach Cal, and best of luck on the road to the national championship!