Curriculum Development and Implementation

How does EverFi choose what critical skills to add to its Learning Platform? 

EverFi focuses on teaching, assessing, and certifying students in the critical skills that real life demands. Our digital course areas address the issues that put pressure on students and their families and traditionally have not been taught with common standards or quality. To date these include financial literacy, STEM, diversity and inclusion, student loan management, digital citizenship, civic awareness, entrepreneurial thinking, alcohol and substance abuse, and sexual assault prevention.

How are EverFi’s digital learning courses best implemented?

EverFi feels strongly that in order for digital learning and education technology to be successful in helping the education space to innovate, we must do more than pass on a login. Instead, EverFi must be a true partner in that school and teacher’s journey with technology and critical skills. EverFi employs one of the largest teams of former teachers in the education technology industry serving schools across North America. These blended learning experts guide the integration of our technology platform and content into the school day.
Each digital course is developed as a stand alone, student-facing experience that meets state and national standards. However, we advocate a blended learning approach that when possible surrounds the digital experience with discussion, personalization, and engagement. Once baseline knowledge is established online, teachers can reinforce key points and/or focus on areas of greatest need. We leverage our K-12 implementation team of former teachers who work full-time for EverFi to establish best practices for our teachers across North America.

How does EverFi create its curriculum and content?

The content in all EverFi digital learning courses is independently developed and aligned to established or emerging national and states standards in these skill areas.
EverFi employs a team of highly skilled researchers, subject matter experts, instructional designers, master teachers, software engineers, and media and game developers. We bring the power of cutting edge instructional design, rich media and simulations to educate students in highly interactive and meaningful ways. We put students at the center of each learning experience – building engaging personalized learning that leads to both real knowledge gain as well as attitude and behavior change to make them successful in the real world. All online activities, lessons and games are presented in age-appropriate and relevant contexts that individuals can apply to their own lives.
EverFi curriculum is developed in alignment with relevant curriculum frameworks at a national and local level depending on the course. For example, in the United States, our EverFi Financial Literacy course maps to all financial literacy standards available in all 50 states, Jumpstart Coalition’s National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education, and Common Core standards for Math and ELA.

What are the stages of content development at EverFi?

Like most technology organizations that utilize an agile method in its delivery, EverFi engages in an iterative process outlined below:
– Research: As we begin to frame our curriculum, we assess student and social need; consult literature and subject matter experts, and review applicable state and national standards.
– Design + Development: Our courses are created in partnership with internal and external subject matter experts and are teacher and student “tested” throughout the development phases
– Evaluation: Through the design and development phase as well as once a course is in market, we utilize listening labs, curriculum summits, focus groups and semester end surveys to gather feedback on the course. We also conduct prototype and usability testing throughout the development phase.


Why is the third-party sponsor model important for K-12 schools?

The topic areas that EverFi covers are some of the most important and critical for students to learn. Typically, only schools with the most resources can provide innovative programs in these areas. EverFi is building an international network of partners and sponsors to fund these critical programs in K-12 schools across North America with a particular emphasis on high need communities. The non-profit sector can’t afford to pay for it nationally and local governments have made a decision not to fund it. If the private sector and foundations can help fill that gap, we need to be cheering it on.

Do sponsors have any say in the content that EverFi builds?

No. We have over 1,000 partners who sponsor and provide our digital learning courses for students. They include family foundations, sports teams, financial institutions, basketball coaches, technology companies, regulators, State Treasurers, community foundations, universities, and more. The content is the same for every sponsor, no matter what their affiliation, business, mission, or history.

How do schools know that the digital learning courses will be there for years to come?

EverFi’s partners generally sign multi-year commitments to school districts. This gives teachers and administrators the assurance that the programs can be launched at scaled to reach all students and even written into curriculum.

Does EverFi allow sponsors to sell, promote, or discuss products with any users (administrators, teachers, or students)?

No. EverFi has not and will not allow sponsor organizations to represent or sell their products to administrators, teachers, students in EverFi’s K-12 and Higher Education learning platform. Our sole focus is to establish public-private partnerships that enable opportunities for our standards-based critical skills content to be leveraged in schools around the country.

Does EverFi sell its contact information and data to its sponsors for the purpose of marketing?
No. EverFi does not, nor will we ever sell, any K-12 or Higher Education student information, nor do we share information in a way that would allow sponsors to market to students.

Data Collection

What information does EverFi collect from students?

EverFi is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the information students supply to EverFi will not be given, sold, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed to any third parties outside of EverFi.

What is EverFi’s policy on collecting and sharing data?

We at EverFi care tremendously about how information is used and shared. We take your privacy seriously. As an education organization, we do utilize both formative assessments and polling in the digital learning platform. Teachers may view individual student assessment scores to check for knowledge gain. While EverFi does analyze overall population data, these results are completely anonymous and kept at the population level. EverFi’s complete privacy policy is available at:

What information do students need to provide?

Students do not need to provide a full name or email address to register for an account. First name and last initial could be used to create an account, or even a student ID number, as long as the teacher is able to identify which student the account belongs to.