Financial literacy holds incredible power for future generations. Kids all over the country—and even the world—can change the trajectory of their lives by learning how to handle a full range of real-life money situations. The rate of financial literacy is still critically deficient, however; a lack of financial knowledge is still one of the key reasons students find themselves experiencing financial trouble.

American schools have room to grown when it comes to teaching kids about money. Fewer than half of American states (21) integrate financial coursework. Only 7 require a stand-alone finance class. We’re seeing great progress and data on the effectiveness of financial education is clear.

So how can you help your local school districts implement financial literacy?

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  1. Why financial education is a pathway to student competence, confidence, and equality.
  2. How students can confidently build their own future with financial education
  3. How school districts can incorporate financial literacy with the assistance of local financial institutions.