Last month, we held a conversation with American Eagle Financial Credit Union’s VP of Marketing, Dara Macchi, and their Marketing Brand/Creative Director, Louise Aliano, to learn how financial education can become your next best digital marketing tool.

COVID-19 has only accelerated the years-long trend of moving to digital-forward outreach and marketing. 72% of financial marketers at banks and credit unions across the country are planning to invest heavily in digital marketing over the next year. But how can you make sure your financial institution’s digital marketing strategies are effective and efficient, especially if you have a small team?

Commit to Utilizing Financial Education in Your Marketing Strategy

First things first, it’s about commitment. AEFCU revamped their website and prioritized their financial education solutions provided by EVERFI. The website features a dedicated “learn” button on the main menu, and various topics such as Financial Literacy Month feature prominently on the homepage banner.

“People aren’t engaged enough to go and simply look for financial education,” Dara said. “You have to really bring it to them and show them where it is and tell them what’s available.”

For AEFCU and many others, that means incorporating this content in their existing marketing strategy and calendar. This includes not just the website, but social media, email campaigns, internal promotions, in-branch merchandising, and more.

“It’s such a natural fit for many financial institutions,” Louise said about EVERFI’s partnership. “The toolkits that everfi provides are robust. You can plug and play, you can customize them. It’s such a turnkey solution that I believe it really allows even the smallest marketing departments to be nimble and responsive.”

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Personalize Digital Financial Education Offerings

The second focus area for making the most out of incorporating financial education into your digital marketing strategy is data-driven personalization.

“When you look at the EVERFI platform, the level of content is very specific to where the user is in their financial lifecycle,” Dara said. “There’s different ways that you approach them, there’s different things that you need to think about.”

Through the combination of specialized financial literacy content and EVERFI’s custom moments, partners like AEFCU are able to give their members access to informative content while also advertising their services.

By using tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, our partners are able to track the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns around financial education. If using gated content or offering incentives, they can also continue customized outreach to individual members.

Learn More About AEFCU’s Experience

To watch the entirety of the webinar, gain access to the slide deck, and learn more about the strategies AEFCU used to eclipse 26,700+ unique financial education users, click here.