Budgeting Ahead with EVERFI Financial Literacy | Scholarship Winner

Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Sidney, a scholarship winner from West Virginia who recently earned her Financial Literacy certification. Congratulations to Sidney for being one of our scholarship recipients!

Student: Sidney S.

Teacher: Alana Cunningham

School: Wood County Christian School

State: West Virginia

Sponsor: Charton Management, Inc.

“In the classroom, our teacher taught many lessons on how to be financially literate, but I didn’t see the big picture. We learned about budgeting, taxes, and saving. While I understood they were important, it wasn’t until I took the EverFi Financial Literacy Course that I fully understood how to use my finances efficiently.

I come from a single parent home so it’s just my mother and me. During the course, I kept coming up with more and more questions to ask my mom. While she knew most of the answers, she didn’t have an answer for questions concerning life savings. She never really had saved for her retirement or budgeted.

Through the EverFi course, I was able to teach my mom about some finances, and we even made a budget together! She’s started to save, and while we know it won’t be nearly as much as if she would had started years ago, it’s better than nothing.

The financial literacy course also taught me how to budget my own finances, and how to save for bigger buys in the future. Thanks to this saving method, I can pay for a few college classes I’ll be taking this summer, and I didn’t even have to touch my life savings!

When we were learning these types of methods in class, I thought it didn’t matter because I don’t make very much money at my part-time job, but then with the examples provided on EverFi, I knew I had to start saving now.

Another thing EverFi taught me was that I should know what I’m signing up for when it comes to debit and credit cards. I’ve had a debit card for over a year now, but until I took this course, I didn’t realize there might be restrictions or requirements I need to meet with this card.

Thanks to this course, I was able to check with my bank and learn about all the details of my card. I saw this course as just a part of my grade in class, but by the end it was much more. This course taught me financial skills I’ll use for the rest of my life, and I’m very grateful. I thank my school for requiring us to take this course because without it, who knows what we would do out of high school without understanding financial basics!

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