Alyssa Lyons

Remember when we couldn’t wait to “grow up?” Visions of staying up as late as we wanted, eating ice cream for dinner, and never having to worry about homework? While we may be able to do all of those things occasionally, life throws us a few curveballs and (usually) more bills than we imagined as young adults.  As you prepare your students for adulthood’s most critical financial wellness moments, bring a layer of humor into the classroom by launching lessons with funny memes about money.

It’s Never Too Early for Financial Literacy

Just like any healthy habit, understanding how to handle money, where to go for financial support, and establishing financial goals starts early! Tip: Stick this one to your classroom door.

Why Money Management?

Money management elevates worry of those ‘surprise’ bills while also making your money work for you through thoughtful investment and savings vehicles.

The Importance of Budgeting

Every financial situation is unique – different budgets will be necessary for different parts of your life.  Understanding how to budget accordingly is key!

Savings Vehicles

We have needs, so bills will come no matter what.

How to battle bill anxiety? Surveying your ‘needs vs wants’ reduces financial stress.

Understanding Your Paycheck

Coinciding with an important budget, examine your paycheck so you’re aware of the insurances and taxes that are deducted each pay period – this way you won’t be surprised by your net pay!

Filing Taxes

It’s your duty as a U.S. citizen to pay your taxes each April. Review common taxes and tax forms so you’re an expert on your return come spring.

Keeping Tabs on Credit

Credit scores have a direct impact on your purchasing power and ability to rent, own, and pay. Determine the effect of a range of financial decisions on your credit score and select appropriate options to improve credit.

Do I Have To “Adult”?

The duties and responsibilities of being an adult can seem overwhelming. The earlier and more often you practice your financial wellness skills, the sooner it will become second nature.

Supplementing your lesson plans with funny financial literacy memes can help your students feel like this overwhelming topic is relatable and easy to understand. Funny financial memes are a bridge to help connect to you students. If you’re looking for further resources to equip students with tools to manage their personal finances in the real world, sign up today and bring the EVERFI – Financial Literacy blended-learning program completely free of cost into your classroom to help your students take on the “adulting” world!

Alyssa Lyons is a Schools Implementation Manager for EVERFI providing support to Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia schools.  She is a former teacher of 8 years working both in the city of Pittsburgh, PA and Pinehurst, NC. When not reading about education or discovering new classroom tools, Alyssa loves running & playing with her dog Steve.

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