Vanessa Baioni

Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Ta’Niyah, a scholarship winner from Texas who recently earned her 306 certification. Congratulations to Ta’Niyah for being one of our scholarship recipients!

Student: Ta’Niyah

Teacher: Debra Washington

School: La Vega High School

State: Texas

Sponsor: EVERFI

“Life is a beautiful experience made up of past events that lead to today’s world, so we can dream of the future. I myself live in today’s world and I plan on making my future have purpose. I am able to have a purposeful future because of the African Americans that have fought in the past so the rest of us today could have a future to look forward to.

I have multiple goals that I want to achieve in life. I plan on graduating college and walking that stage knowing that I earned my degree. I look forward to having a career that I am happy to go to, one that does not make me tired just by the thought of it. I want to and will provide for my family to the point where they know they can depend on me at all times. I envision traveling and seeing the world because I did not grow up in the most beautiful city and nothing new ever really happens. Most of all I desire building a life I do not need a vacation from.

I thank God for giving my ancestors the strength to pave a path for me, for fighting so I get a chance, and for allowing me to grow up in a non-segregated world to where we are more equal now than we were then.

EVERFI has motivated me even more than I was. Now I want to make my ancestors proud, I want them to know that they fought for a reason. Phillis Whitley really inspired me because she was the first African American woman to have a book published. I always write as a hobby and maybe I will look into doing that as a career and its good knowing I can because of Phillis Whitley.

Everything I learned in EVERFI just made me have a broader view on things because I am one of those types of girls that will only get more motivated when told I cannot do something. Knowing that African Americans were never taught properly or given proper respect makes me feel like, I need to succeed to make them proud.

EVERFI also highlighted that women are just as vigorous as men. Mae Jemison, Rosa Parks, Diane Nash, my mother, and so many other empowering Black women reassured me that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I am going to become a woman my mother can brag about, I want to be a once in a lifetime type of woman.

I have dreams and I plan on making them reality. I am still not sure what I want to be when I grow up but, I know who I want to be. And that is someone to represent my family, ancestors, and of course myself.

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