Relevant curriculum and engaging content excite teacher Mary Key Lein, who uses EVERFI’s Ignition financial education program to help her students learn crucial real-world financial skills.

Mary Kay LeinMary Kay has received the Clark County School District’s “Excellence in Education Award,” and was a nominee for Nevada Educator of the Year.

How do you use EverFi’s courses in your classroom?
My Office Management class loves the financial aspects of EverFi. The class is mostly upper class men, and they enjoy learning about saving and investing. My Business Software Apps students also use Ignition. I utilize the courses as self-paced curriculum, and the students, grades 9-12, seem to love it!

What best practices would you share with other teachers?
EverFi allows you to create a report that automatically documents the students’ progress. Monitor progress and encourage your students to complete the entire program sequence. The students will happily retake an online quiz to improve their scores and to demonstrate mastery of the contents. All of my actively enrolled students were “certified” at the end. While it might seem like just a piece of paper, the kids really loved receiving those printed certificates.

Anything else you’d like to share about the program?
Thanks to the sponsors who have paid for these programs to make them FREE to teachers. It’s relevant curriculum that meets the standards set forth by our district and the kids enjoy the material, so it’s definitely a win-win!