Teacher Feature: I am motivated everyday to see my students explore

At EVERFI, we know our best STEM advocates are our educators.

Today we’re featuring Ms. Scarfogliero, a science teacher at PS/IS 109 Glenwood Academy of Science and Technology in New York.

How do you implement EVERFI’s resources in your classroom?

I implement EVERFI’s resources in my classroom through the Future Goals – Hockey Scholar program. This is my second year using the program in my 8th grade science classes. Before Hockey Scholar, most of my students were unfamiliar with the game of hockey, and the entire program was a new experience for them. My students loved it! They obtain a great deal of STEM knowledge in each module and love competing to win trophies.

Why do you use EVERFI’s resources?

I continue to use EVERFI’s resources to increase student motivation and engagement. Students are exposed to real life experiences and observe first hand the connection between science and sports. My students are always motivated to use the program to learn new content. I like the ease of use EVERFI’s programs and differentiation the program adds to my classroom. Hockey Scholar is easily accessible to all types of learners.

How do you think technology will change education over the next 10 years?

I feel technology is the largest area for growth in education today. Students are always on their phones or computers; we should harness that level of engagement and interaction into academic success. EVERFI’s partnership has offered both a beneficial technology and additional interactive STEM component to my science classroom. This partnership has also made a positive impact on my pedagogy. Technology fuels student excitement and successfully differentiates instruction. Using the program to explore science, technology, engineering and math topics has helped my students to think critically, design, collaborate, problem solve, use the scientific method and learn about the engineering process. I am motivated everyday to see my students explore new concepts and be passionate about science.

What impact have these programs had on your classroom?

Over the past two years using the program, I have seen improvement in student motivation and understanding of many topics, including physical science topics such as force and motion. The program has also exposed my students to different fields of science and sports as well as possible future career paths. Thank you for offering such a beneficial teaching tool!

Thank YOU, Ms. Scarfogliero!

Ms. Scarfogliero

Laura Scarfogliero

Science Teacher

PS/IS 109 Glenwood Academy of Science and Technology