Bridging the Gap to the Next Generation of Customers

As banks face an aging customer base and rapidly evolving technology, bank marketers often struggle to answer the question:  How do we reach the next generation of customers?  Long gone are the days when bank customers physically visit their bank on a regular basis to make routine transactions.  More and more banks now offer online and mobile services – a critical first step in connecting in today’s digital world.  But the transition to online banking is only the beginning of how technology can be utilized to make sure your brand is the one that millennials connect with.

Leveraging social media — particularly the everyday outlets where youth engage such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram — make it easy for millennials to identify with your brand and help keep your organization relevant and visible in the eyes of young people.  Even better than simply being in the space that young people engage in is blending your brand name with a truly impactful and meaningful program that can help produce savvy customers for years to come.  The unique partnership that EverFi creates with our bank partners truly allows for them to design a financial literacy program that represents who they are as a brand while having a tremendous impact within their community.

The ability for banks to private label EverFi’s award-winning technology in the classroom and be the exclusive sponsor within their market make this unique model a very attractive option for banks to get ahead of the curve and build their brand by leveraging technology.  Hundreds of local community banks are currently working with EverFi to expand their marketing presence, meet regulatory challenges and empower those in their communities with critical life skills.  EverFi has a vast network of schools managers that serve as our partners’ activation team and liaison between the schools of their choice.  The schools team works on your behalf to ensure wide-spread adoption of the technology across school districts. They are exceptional at their jobs.

Impact is a word that is used a lot when searching for results in marketing and business in general.  The programs that EverFi delivers in partnership with banks have tremendous impact for customer acquisition, branding, and developing smarter customers for years to come. All in a highly engaging, interactive manner that is truly unique.  The way consumers bank is rapidly changing, and the EverFi team is connecting banks and communities through technology in an impactful and measurable way.