EVERFI is a digital education platform that provides online resources to educators seeking to teach their K-12 students essential life skills. Thanks to hundreds of partners who share our mission, we deliver these critical skills to 25,000+ K-12 schools and 6.8 million students free of charge.

These digital resources use best-in-class instructional design to engage learners and scaffold them through new knowledge and skills in areas of financial readiness, emotional literacy, STEM career understanding, and much more. Designed in collaboration with leading Subject Matter Experts, these resources use research and evidence-based strategies to ensure an effective, meaningful, and measurable learning experience.

Let us know what grade band you teach and we will follow up with all courses available to you and your students!

“I use EVERFI resources because they put real life scenarios in an educational context. My students can learn at their own pace, and are fully engaged in the program. The units I teach are enhanced by the modules and I can monitor all their progress with a few mouse clicks.”

–  Eileen Lennon, Technology Teacher Certified EVERFI Teacher at Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 

Company Overview

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