Financial literacy is paramount in guaranteeing your students succeed in life during and after college. Over the past 11 years, EVERFI has been dedicated to improving the financial capability of Americans of all ages, and has built a network of financial institutions, K12 schools, higher education institutions, educators, thought leaders, and nonprofits dedicated to that mission.

EVERFI is dedicated to ensuring college students graduate ready to take on the world, financially literate, and not stressed about their financial future. EVERFI is the leader in the financial capability space and has successfully launched programs with both 2-year and 4-year colleges to build financial capability on campus. Working directly with the schools to implement their just-in-time, mobile-first financial education programs, EVERFI ensures that financial education is accessible at every level of the college experience.

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Key Program Elements

EVERFI’s digital program provides students with a personalized financial education program to build their financial capability and prepare them for their next step in life at no cost to your institution. Our financial education program includes financial education on topics from budgeting to paying for college to planning for their financial futures.

  • Mobile-First

    Mobile-first design allows you to reach students where they are and gives students flexibility to engage with content on the go

  • Highly Customizable

    Fully white-labeled learning platform and customization points allow you to provide a relevant and familiar experience to students

  • Interactive

    Best-in-class, personalized learning experience for student learners with engaging content and interactive exercises to allow them to practice what they learn

  • Measurable

    Comprehensive data reporting on learner activity on the platform for you to provide to your institution with insight into student financial health