Build your 2019 plan with our definitive guide full of recommendations, benchmarks, and worksheets for your strategy. Download the guidebook and learn six simple steps to:

Set Goals and Key Performance Indicators – Part I

Deciding what results you’re actually looking for and how you’ll measure those results forms the foundation of your marketing plan. Cross-sell, deepening relationships, and improving share-of-wallet are trending for 2019.

Identify Your Target Audience and Develop Personas – Part II

Defining your audience, their needs, learning styles, and more, directly impacts how you market and serve them.

Evaluate and Develop Your Content – Part III

Taking time at the end of every year to evaluate your content and determine what assets you need to ensure you are on target with your audience will help you identify what resources you currently have and where to fill in the gaps.

Choosing Distribution Channels – Part IV

Looking closely at how you distribute your message ensures that you are reaching your target audience in the most effective way.

Gain Employee Buy-In – Part V

Building enthusiasm around your program increases productivity and visibility.  As an added bonus, your employees will up their personal financial knowledge as well.

Develop a Strategy and Editorial Calendar – Part VI

Putting together a plan for next year will help you start 2019 on the right foot—and stay on track all year long.

Next Steps – Part VII

In this conclusion, we’ll take a look back at all you have learned and the information you’ve gathered about your audience and financial institution before you get started on creating your own marketing plan for 2019.