Soft Skills Made Strong

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is at the heart of good teaching. EVERFI offers social-emotional learning resources designed to help students manage their emotions, practice self-awareness, and maintain healthy relationships, so they can excel in school, work, and life. Thanks to partners who share our mission, these digital resources are available free of charge.

Our best-in-class interactive lessons and activities keep your students engaged while simulating scenario-based social-emotional lessons such as managing emotions, practicing mindfulness, and developing coping skills.

Social-Emotional Learning Lesson Topics:

  • Compassion + Kindness

– Describe and Give Examples of Compassion vs. Empathy
– Describe How Growth Mindset Influences Compassion
– Identify and Practice Acts of Gratitude and Kindness

  • Understanding and Managing Emotions

– Identify and Label Emotions
– Differentiate Negative and Positive Social Behaviors
– Define External Factors That Affect Emotions

  • Self-Regulation and Self-Awareness

– Identify Types of Resolutions and Resolution Strategies
– Understand Nonverbal Cues and Impact
– Build Active Listening Skills

Learning is Social Emotional

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  • The Compassion Project

    Grades: 2 - 4
    Length: 16 Lessons (3 Digital)
    Topic Areas:
      - Defining Empathy and Compassion
      - Practicing Mindfulness
      - Growth Mindset
      - Performing Acts of Kindness

  • Character Playbook

    Grades: 6 - 8
    Length: 6 Lessons
    Topic Areas:
      - Understanding and Managing Emotions
      - Communicating Effectively
      - Resolving Conflicts
      - Making Decisions

  • Honor Code - Bullying Prevention

    Grades: 7 - 10
    Length: 5 Lessons
    Topic Areas:
      - Defining Bullying and Healthy Relationships
      - Building a Positive School Culture
      - Emotional Management
      - Upstander Intervention

  • Mental Wellness Basics

    Grades: 8 - 10
    Length: 4 Lessons
    Topic Areas:
      - Mental Health Basics
      - Understanding Mental Health Disorders
      - Healthy Coping Skills
      - Stigma and Seeking Help