Entrepreneurial thinking is a critical skill for the careers of the future. By 2020, at least 40% of America’s workforce will be entrepreneurs, freelancers or contractors, and 54% of Millennials either want to start a business or have already done so. The workforce of tomorrow will be more flexible, independent, and entrepreneurial.

Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition™ is designed to teach students to think entrepreneurially about business and life.  The course uses case studies, interactive business simulations and personal development activities to teach important basic business skills.  Students develop a personalized plan for their individual business, along with a roadmap for academic and career success.


Topics Covered:

  • Budgeting and Building Startup Capital
  • Generating Business Ideas
  • Market Research
  • Growing a Business
  • Finances: The Cost of Doing Business
  • Marketing: Promoting your Business
  • Creating your Business Pitch

Course Overview

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Venture - Entrepreneurial Expedition uses case studies, interactive business simulations, and personal development activities to teach students how to think entrepreneurially in business and in life.

  • Building a Budget & Saving Startup Capital

    - Balancing Budgets: Build a balanced budget including common budget elements.
    - Taxes: Identify common types of taxes and explain how taxes impact income.

  • The Entrepreneur in You

    - Personal Characteristics: Link personal characteristics with a potential future in entrepreneurship.
    - Career Pathways: Identify potential career pathways of interest.