Prevent Bullying in Schools

Prevent bullying and create a positive school environment free of charge with online lessons that empower students to create positive change in their school community.

Positive school climates are critically important for students to achieve their full academic and personal potential. But bullying can negatively impact students’ sense of social, emotional and physical safety – key components of a positive school climate.

Honor Code’s interactive lessons and activities help students learn critical social-emotional learning skills while identifying their unique talents, growing their resilience in the face of adversity, and building strong connections with others.

Created with leading subject matter experts, EVERFI’s Honor Code gives students the tools they need to take their learning offline and into their school to create change.

Bullying Prevention Curriculum Topics

  • Defining bullying behavior
  • Recognizing leadership potential in oneself
  • Practicing upstander intervention
  • Developing a sense of resilience
  • Contributing to a positive school community

EVERFI Honor Code

Honor Code helps them identify their unique talents, grow their resilience in the face of adversity, and build strong connections with others.

The same skills students learn to discourage bullying today can also help them become the influential leaders of tomorrow.

Recommended Grade Level: 7-10

Total Lessons: 6 standalone lessons, approximately 10 minutes each

Subject Fit: Health, Advisory/Homeroom, FACS, AVID

Standards Alignment: National Health Education Standards (NHES), CASEL SEL Competencies

Course Description

Honor Code takes a practical approach to bullying prevention by empowering students to create positive change in their school community, whether they’re engaging in bullying, on the receiving end of it, or witnessing it in their school.

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Lessons & Course Flow

Students learn how to respect others while creating stronger, and healthier relationships.

Teach students to learn and examine the unique skills that enable them to be leaders in their communities.

Help students grow their resilience in the face of adversity.

Present effective ways to respond to bullying,
support others, and seek help.

Give students the skills needed to discourage bullying and create positive changes in their schools community.