AEPi Delivers Impact Through GreeklifeEdu Training

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

"Looking back at the stats from EVERFI's data impact report, it's really cool to see the significant increase in knowledge gain across our undergraduates."

Kyle Whitlock, Director of Leadership Development Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

“We have a certain standard of workplace conduct that is greater than what the law requires, greater than what customs require.”

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AEPi Prioritizes Health and Safety with GreeklifeEdu

Not a "check-the-box" approach From Day 1, AEPi uses training to set the tone with new members that health and safety are top priorities.
Health and Safety Summit AEPi combines their online training with in-person events where chapter presidents practice bystander intervention techniques and benchmark against other institutions.
Data-Driven, Behavioral Impact EVERFI's GreeklifeEdu course enabled AEPi Fraternity members to increase their knowledge of alcohol-related topics by 27%.

Get to know Kyle

Kyle is the Director of Leadership Development at Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. For the past 107 years, AEPi has helped provide education, resources, and training to the future leaders of the world's Jewish communities.

Why AEPi Chooses EVERFI For Their Prevention Strategy

Scale to Reach Growing Numbers of Chapters “GreeklifeEdu was the impetus that we needed to grow up a little bit; now everything that our chapters do falls into preventing sexual assault, alcohol misuse, and hazing.”
Training Built with an Education Foundation “I come from an education background and it's super important to me that every day you are learning. So when I discovered EVERFI, I could see they knew how to educate our chapters, they weren't just checking the box.”
Knowledge Gained from Overall Course Impact GreekLifeEdu equips members of AEPi with knowledge and skills to support healthier decisions related to alcohol, sexual assault prevention, and hazing prevention:
  • 15% improvement in understanding alcohol (e.g. preparation to prevent an overdose or help with alcohol poisoning)
  • 21% improvement in understanding hazing (e.g. ability to express discomfort with initiation practices)
  • 23% improvement in understanding relationship violence (e.g. clear communication of intentions and intervention in incidents of sexual assault)
  • "It wasn’t until we signed on with EVERFI, that we realized it can’t all be done in-house.”

    Kyle Whitlock, AEPi

    Implement Prevention-Based Training Like AEPi

    • Real-time data dashbords to not only monitor completion, but track attitudes and beliefs
    • Up-to-date content with effective strategies to build a healthy culture
    • Interactive, engaging exercises to build bystander intervention skills

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