NHL and NHLPA: Preparing Students for the Future with STEM

Connecting With Communities Through STEM Education

“The strength in this program [is] the ability to engage kids regardless of whether they play.”

Rob Knesaurek, Group VP of Youth Hockey, and Industry Growth NHL

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Shannon Sorells, Senior Legal Counsel for Ethics, Compliance and Employment Law Teradata
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The NHL And NHLPA Needed A Solution To Reach Their Communities

Problem The National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) had a desire to engage more deeply with their communities.
Vision Contribute and connect with students with core STEM topics through hockey on and off the ice.
Solution Brought STEM education to life with custom resources built by EVERFI through the excitement of hockey with real-world applications of key STEM concepts.

Reaching over 3 million students since 2014, the Future Goals Program teaches important skills with a STEM sports curriculum that helps prepare kids for success in life. Using the fast-paced, exciting game of hockey as a STEM learning vehicle, the program helps students understand the real world applications of science and math principles.

How The NHL And NHLPA Built EVERFI Into Their Social Engagement Strategy

Connecting Schools To Local Teams Students had the chance to hear from NHL players, mascots, and alumni. Not only that they have received the opportunity to attend local arenas where they can see local teams practice, which reinforce concepts of force, friction, and angles that come to life on the ice.
STEM Knowledge Gain Through Hockey After taking Hockey Scholar, 42% of students reported that they were more interested in taking STEM courses, and 41% of students reported that they were more interested in pursuing a career in STEM.
Reaching Students Beyond The Digital Course During the 2018-19 school year, EVERFI’s implementation team along with the 31 NHL clubs, ran 271 in-person Future Goals events that reached 138,024 students and teachers.
Measuring The Community Impact Over 3 million students have logged more than 6 million hours of learning on Future Goals courses and during the 2018-2019 school year, Future Goals reached 6,342 unique schools.

“Bright, educated, engaged students who understand STEM concepts become bright, educated, engaged adults and leaders in our community. They represent our future, not simply the future of our fan base, but more importantly the future of our community, our region, our State, and our Nation.”

Jay Feaster, Vice President of Community Hockey Development, Tampa Bay Lightning

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