How Provident Bank Partnered with EVERFI to Give Back to The Community

A Community Leader in Financial Education

Provident Bank Engaged 7,402 Local Students in Financial Education Using EVERFI’s Technology

In partnership with EVERFI, Provident Bank provided a financial education program that cares for today’s consumers and empowers future generations.

Provident partnered with EVERFI to launch its Becoming Financially Fit (BFF) program for high schools. Starting with just one school in 2012, Provident Bank expanded to sponsoring 34 schools, reaching some 7,402 students who have completed 8,535 modules and spent over 14,380+ hours on the program. Provident has placed particular focus on connecting with the communities it serves by sponsoring schools near its branches. “We wanted our bankers to partner with the schools their local community,” says Spatola.

For Provident, it is the engaging nature of the program that proved decisive in the bank’s decision to partner with EVERFI. “What really stuck out is that the program is very user-friendly,” says Braga. “It isn’t time consuming. It is financial information that people need—compact and easy to use.” Spatola concurs: “Having everything put together in one place, tested, and consistently updated is a benefit to us. It’s a nice way to make sure that content is meaningful for the recipient.”

Another important aspect of EVERFI’s program is its aggregate level reporting, which assesses the engagement and impact of the program. “I can pull reports directly from EVERFI instead of having to manually track the program’s usage or effectiveness,” Spatola adds.