Equipping Students with 21st-Century Financial Literacy Skills

Prince William County Public Schools is preparing students for life beyond high school

Prince William County Public Schools doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to preparing students for their financial futures. Since 2011, they’ve taken action.

By partnering with EVERFI, one of the largest school divisions across the state of Virginia ensures that every student is equipped with 21st-century financial literacy skills and prepared for life beyond high school.

Hear from Director of Student Learning, Ken Bassett, about the unique challenges facing their student population and why they turned to EVERFI to help meet the diverse needs of their students. Learn why CTE Supervisor for Prince William, Doug Wright, will “sing the praises of EVERFI to everyone,” and considers it one of their most valuable resources.

While it started with financial education, PWCS’ partnership with EVERFI has broadened to include Social Emotional Learning and Health-Wellness resources. The goal for PWCS is to cultivate skill sets that will prepare students for both personal and professional success in the real world.