Casino Tactics for Sticky Education?

Pumped in air, patterned carpets, hidden exits, all you can eat buffets. Where do all of these exist? In casinos from Atlantic City, to Indian Reservations, to the bright lights of Vegas, these types of tactics are used to make sitting at the black jack table all night inviting, and well, sticky. So when I was recently in Vegas, trying to find my way out, I wondered: What if we could find these same tactics to make learning critical skills sticky?


I am bullish that education technology and blended learning is a critical part of the answer. Not as a replacement or substitute for great schools and teachers, but as a vehicle to connect with our students who are already digital natives outside of the classroom walls. While the emerging industry of education technology will show efficacy, let’s not lose sight of the opportunity we have today to connect with
students from all backgrounds though blended learning and education technology, especially as we strive to close the achievement gap.

True personalized learning isn’t impatient. The digital learning platform never says “Wrong, and I have to move on.” Instead it keeps serving up different types of pitches until it connects with each student. In a world where students are often told “not good enough,” we can use education technology to reinforce and support the different learning styles of our students. As Digital Learning Now points out in their great infographic, selecting stimulating content that aligns with learning objectives is at the center of blended learning implementation. EverFi agrees.

While we should not hide the exits at schools, and all you can eat buffets aren’t in the budget, we can certainly make learning sticky.

I would double down on that.