Coach John Calipari: Making the Right Call Both On and Off the Court

Coach John Calipari is among the most successful college basketball coaches in history.   In addition to leading the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team, Coach Calipari also makes a deep commitment to supporting and strengthening local communities.  He’s a person who understands how to leverage his role for social benefit – and how to leave a personal legacy that goes beyond the basketball court.

Since 2011, EverFi has been extremely proud to partner with the Calipari Family Foundation to extend financial literacy education to elementary school students across the commonwealth of Kentucky.

cal video

Coach Cal describes his partnership with EverFi to extend financial literacy education to Kentucky’s youth.

“We need to create a generation of kids who understand concepts like savings, compounding interest, and the basics of why you invest to try to build wealth,” said Coach Calipari. “When you start down that road of understanding how money works – that instead of working for money, you can make it work for you – then you change the direction of an entire generation of young people.”

The Calipari Family Foundation has partnered with Kentucky banks to provide EverFi’s Vault™ – Understanding Money online learning program to more than 5,000 elementary schools students across the Commonwealth.  Other local partners – including Commercial Bank of Grayson, Farmers National Bank of Danville, First Community Bank, First Kentucky Bank, First National Bank of Brooksville, First National Bank of Manchester, Republic Bank, and Whitaker Bank – have joined in this effort by sponsoring EverFi platforms at schools across the state.

chappy and checkCoach Cal prides himself on helping young people reach their dreams and has placed 27 players in the NBA during his college coaching career, including 15 over his first three seasons at Kentucky. But perhaps the biggest impact that he’ll have is on the thousands of young people who he’s helped empower to take control of their financial future.

Thanks for your continued support, Coach Cal!