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Ensuring student safety and well-being is fundamental to student success - the mission bedrock of every higher education institution. Colleges, universities, and organizations that prioritize comprehensive and high-impact prevention strategies in critical areas such as mental health, diversity, substance misuse, sexual violence, and hazing deserve recognition. Even more importantly, these investments must be visible to the campus community and elevated to prospective students and parents. 

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Parchment & EVERFI

EVERFI is proud to partner with Parchment, the nation’s leading digital credential service, to elevate and differentiate campuses committed to excellence in campus prevention efforts. The CPN Seal of Prevention and Impact Awards will be visible to prospective students and their parents through Parchment’s College Profile Pages and Student Choice Survey.

These tools - used by millions of students to learn about campuses that align with their interests, needs, and values - will tie great prevention work directly to recruitment, enrollment, and long-term institutional success.

CPN Seal of Prevention


EVERFI synthesized two decades of prevention research and practice to establish a meaningful quality standard for online prevention programs. Annually, we'll evaluate institutions against the demonstrated quality of their digital programming aligned to evidence-based prevention principles, including socio-cultural relevance, reach and dosage, and outcomes. EVERFI customers will be evaluated automatically and do not need to apply. Institutions not currently using EVERFI courses may also apply for consideration »

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How do we evaluate institutions?

Theory Driven

Theory Driven

Prevention Principle

Programs have a theoretical justification, are based on accurate information, and are supported by empirical research.

Criteria Description

Programs are based on evidence and theory and/or have been demonstrated to be efficacious based on peer-reviewed research.

Socio-Culturally Relevant
Appropriately Timed
Sufficient Reach and Dosage
Outcomes Evaluated & Local Data Utilized
Well-Trained Staff
Positive Relationships
Varied Teaching Methods

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EVERFI Impact Awards

Established in 2017 and awarded annually, the EVERFI Impact Awards for the Campus Prevention Network celebrate institutions and National Greek-letter organizations that demonstrate prevention excellence. Fewer than 10% of campuses and organizations achieve this pinnacle recognition, based on a rigorous assessment of their comprehensive prevention strategy in addressing alcohol or substance misuse, sexual assault, or hazing.

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