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At EVERFI, we believe our industry-leading prevention education offerings help advance your students' success and support your institutional goals. Gain expert insight from our team of researchers and education innovators to help you promote a positive campus culture.

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Prevention Education for Fraternities and Sororities

Learn about the EVERFI approach to prevention training for greek life.

Renee DeSilva

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Your Campus Community

Your institution's growth and success depends on your ability to build a community that faculty, staff, and students are excited to be a part of. Learn how EVERFI can help!

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Perspectives on Fraternity and Sorority Life

New research from the NIC and EVERFI to guide your recruitment and retention efforts.

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The “C-word”: The Role of Context in Preventing Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assaults

Consent is probably the first “c-word” that comes to mind when thinking about the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault, but have you considered context?

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New Perspectives on Fraternity and Sorority Life

1 Hour

EVERFI and NIC entered into a three-year strategic partnership to study fraternity and sorority life on college campuses


How Sigma Sigma Sigma Raised the Bar on their Prevention Training

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority discusses how they use EVERFI prevention programming.

Brooke Kingsley Isbell

How Pi Kappa Phi's Scales Prevention Training

Brooke Kingsley Isbell, Assistant Executive Director for Prevention and Accountability on her approach to prevention training.

Lorin Phillips

Using Data Insights to Inform Your Approach

Lorin Phillips, from Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority discusses how she uses EVERFI data.

Campus Prevention Network Benefits

The Network Effect: Campus Prevention Network

Sarah Curry from Centre College, discusses the support she receives from the Campus Prevention Network.

Terri Koons

The Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Prevention Training

Hear from Terri Koons, Associate Director of Health and Promotion at Ohio University.

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Announcing the CPN Seal of Prevention

Watch this video to learn how EVERFI is recognizing campuses that are committed to high-impact digital prevention programs.

Prevention Education for Colleges and Universities

Watch this video why 1,300+ colleges and universities use EVERFI as part of their approach to critical student health and safety issues.

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4 Lessons for Introverts in Post-COVID World

Support the wellbeing of students as they return to heavily programmed lives.

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This Vaccination Metric Can Teach Us A Lot About Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Herd immunity applies as much to diversity and inclusion as it does to COVID-19.