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At EVERFI, we believe our industry-leading prevention education offerings help advance your students' success and support your institutional goals. Gain expert insight from our team of researchers and education innovators to help you promote a positive campus culture.

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A Dialogue Guide for Greek-Letter Organizations

Data suggests that most fraternity and sorority members are uncomfortable with hazing and don't support it, yet it continues to persist.

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Relationship Between Alcohol and Sexual Assault

An in-depth analysis of the role of alcohol in sexual assault and what prevention efforts are effective at stopping this cycle.

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Financing the Future of Higher Education

Get staffing and funding benchmarks for small, medium, and large institutions

AEPi Case Study

AEPi Delivers Impact Through GreeklifeEdu Training

Find out why AEPi chooses EVERFI to help train their chapters around alcohol and substance misuse and sexual assault prevention.

College Awareness Activities | Campus Walk | EVERFI

ZTA’s Approach to Preventing Alcohol Misuse, Hazing, and Sexual Assault

Even as sororities and fraternities work to instill unique and lifelong values, it is clear that their members are at heightened risk.

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Creating Engaging Diversity Programs for College Students

Engaging diversity training programs for college students should take into consideration student learning styles and where they are learning.

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Translating Diversity Initiatives on College Campuses to Remote Learning

There are some concerns that diversity initiatives on college campuses might be overlooked as important as more students remain learning from home.

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5 Tips to Prepare College Drinking Prevention Programs for 2021

What should you be doing now to prepare your college drinking prevention programs for the 2021 school year?

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Solutions to Address Anxiety and Depression in College Students Away From Campus

The serious impact of anxiety and depression for college students has long been known. During the pandemic, these impacts are being heightened.

Financing the Future of Higher Education | EVERFI + NACUBO Webinar

The playbook for campus leaders to more effectively allocate resources and drive results around critical prevention issues. Tune in!

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How Health and Wellness Programs on College Campuses Can Adapt to Remote or Hybrid Learning

Health and wellness programs on college campuses must adjust their offerings to provide engaging online activities for remote or hybrid learning.

7 Strategies for Talking About Sexual Assault on Campus

When senior leaders speak publicly about sexual assault on campus, it demonstrates their awareness of the issues and provides them with an opportunity to lead by example.

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How Fraternities and Sororities Can Benefit from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Education

60 mins

Zeta Tau Alpha shares how they have taken on these important issues to create a more inclusive experience for their collegians and alumnae.

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Small Colleges, Big Impact: Lessons in Sexual Assault Prevention

Examine the strategies and tools that smaller colleges can leverage in order to build comprehensive and effective prevention education initiatives.