2017 Global Ethics and
Compliance Courses

EVERFI's global-ready ethics and compliance course catalog includes FCPA, AML, Code
of Conduct, AB-1825, Data Security, and Diversity. Courses are available in multiple languages.

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Introducing our  New Diversity Training Program

Built by our team of instructional writers and designers, along with outside experts, this new course is quickly becoming one of the most important and popular courses EVERFI has ever built.


Our Courses

EVERFI designs educational programs for global organizations, foundations, and companies that understand the connection between corporate success and corporate values.

Global Ethics

Code of Conduct: The Code of Conduct series provides short modules on key areas of employee decision-making: Business Ethics, Workplace Conduct, Data Security, Gifts and Gratuities, and Record Keeping. It also allows you to have your employees read and acknowledge your code of conduct.

FCPA: In addition to covering the elements of what constitutes an FCPA violation, the course includes guidance on how to avoid unintentional violations and emphasizes the importance of internal reporting of any potential violations.


Harassment Prevention Training (AB 1825):
Supervisor Anti-Harassment trains supervisors to identify and eliminate workplace harassment and discrimination based on “protected characteristics” by helping them understand the law and respond to misconduct appropriately.

This course explores the nature of diversity and provides practical strategies for workplace inclusion. It uses the unique experiences of real people to explore key concepts such as identity, power, privilege, and communication.

Data Security

Data Security and Privacy: The course teaches employees to recognize potential attacks and risky behaviors, and shows them how to respond mindfully to cyberattacks. Along the way, employees have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in a variety of realistic scenarios. Specific topics include phishing, pharming, social engineering, secure wireless connections, creating strong passwords, encryption, safe browsing, and watering hole attacks.

PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard:
This course covers the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

People & Culture

Wage and Hour Training for Managers:
This course provides an overview of federal wage and hour laws in plain English. It identifies common problem areas such as paying overtime, classifying employees, and offering breaks in the work day, intersecting the law and real world examples.

Workplace Violence Prevention:
This course will raise awareness about workplace violence and help your employees to identify the risks of workplace violence and prevent incidents of it. This course covers employees’ roles in creating a safe workplace, the warning signs that identify potential assailants, and how employees can reduce the risk of injury during violent situations.

“We had compliments  from our employees on the training. They all said it was well done and on brand. Compliments don’t come easy.”

Gia Colosi, Head of Global Talent (HR) Operations

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