Grades 9-12
  • TIME:
    2-3 Hours
  • NO COST:
    Course is free for teachers and students
    Custom reports available for a fee
    Pre and Post-Exams and Behavioral Surveys


Drinking in high school doesn’t just put students at risk; it threatens the ability of schools to achieve their educational objectives. AlcoholEdu® for High School takes a public health approach to alcohol education in schools, incorporating evidence-based prevention methods to create meaningful results. Through this scalable online program, which has been proven to reduce negative consequences associated with underage drinking, schools can reach all students with a consistent message and empower them to make safer and healthier decisions about alcohol.

This Course Covers

  • Peer Pressure
  • Underage Drinking Laws
  • Alcohol and the Brain & Body
  • Bystander Behaviors
  • Values & Goal-Setting
  • Challenging Common Myths
  • Talking to Parents

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