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Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment

EVERFI’s course, Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment, helps students, faculty, and staff navigate returning to campus through the lens of COVID-19. Whether you will return to campus or continue remotely, prepare your workforce and student body for what comes next through online training and education.

This course will teach your campus community ways to protect their physical health and maintain their mental well-being with practical guidance about the COVID-19 virus, returning to campus and the workplace, and working remotely.

EVERFI is the only online training and education provider who can help you effectively support your return to campus plan and community, while keeping you in-line with new and existing mandates.

Return to Campus Course Topics Include:

COVID-19 Basics and Best Practices for Physical Safety

COVID-19 Basics and Best Practices for Physical Safety

Establish a baseline knowledge for your campus community by providing an overview of the virus, its symptoms, and how it is spread. Getting everyone to speak a “common language” is the first step to communicating expectations.

  • Defining COVID-19
  • The symptoms
  • How it's spread
  • Personal safety best practices
  • Community impact
  • Vaccine efficacy
  • Herd immunity
Promoting Mental Wellness and Health
Working Remotely
Returning to the Workplace
Returning to In-Person Learning Environments

Key Features and Benefits

EVERFI’s new, 25-minute course is easy to launch to your entire campus community. Our mobile-first design offers flexible content designed to support students or faculty and staff wherever, whenever.
Key features and benefits include:

Engaging Content

Course content is inspired by new COVID-19 workplace mandates

Configurable Design

Build a branded experience with standard and premium configurations

Streamlined Administration

Automatically assign courses and send email reminders to your campus community

Analytics and Reporting

Track progress and completion data through EVERFI’s administrative dashboard

Course Preview

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See how EVERFI's Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment online training course can play a critical role in helping your institution adapt and navigate change.

  • Inspired by state-mandated COVID training requirements
  • Customizable moments to share institution-specific policies or procedures
  • Content designed using evidence-based practices for students, faculty, and staff
  • Responsive content for desktop or mobile delivery
  • WCAG 2.0 AA
  • Flexible SCORM integration available

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