Protecting Minors: Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

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EVERFI’s protection of minors training prepares staff, faculty, volunteers, and campus affiliates to engage in healthy, safe relationships with minors and to identify and act in situations where they suspect child abuse or neglect.

Using positive framing, scenario-based learning, and skill-building activities, this course is designed to help protect children from child abuse on college campuses.

Protecting Youth: Abuse and Neglect Prevention is a 30-minute training course developed to create a safe environment for minors on campus. This child neglect and abuse prevention training covers basic prevention methodology, reporting processes, and federal and state reporting requirements. It is recommended for any college or university employee or volunteer who interacts with children under the age of 18.

Protecting Youth: has been approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services to fulfill the education and examination requirements for individuals working with children at youth camps.


Our courses use realistic scenarios students can relate to as well as interactive elements that keep learners engaged throughout the course. Most importantly, the training is written by prevention education and compliance experts.


  • Healthy boundaries and relationships with minors
  • Recognizing abuse and neglect
  • Handling disclosures
  • Reporting responsibilities
  • Reporting requirements
  • Bystander intervention strategies


Target AudienceFaculty and staff that interact with minors
Time30 to 60 minutes
Target AudienceFaculty and staff that interact with minors
Time30 to 60 minutes

Part of EVERFI's Campus Prevention Network

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