Grades 6-9
    Technology, Digital Media, Research, Health, and Science
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    3 Hours
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    Free for Teachers and Students
    ISTE Standards for Students established by the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE)


Ignition: Digital Wellness and Safety is a digital literacy curriculum designed to provide students with the information they need to safely and confidently navigate the digital world.

Through six digital responsibility lessons, students take practical steps to protect their own privacy and safety online. By learning digital literacy skills including how to evaluate content for accuracy, perspective, and motive, Ignition’s digital literacy curriculum helps students acknowledge the benefits of digital communities and resources while guiding them to successfully navigate potential pitfalls in their digital lives.

Full digital literacy curriculum update for 2019-2020.

This Course Covers

  • Connections and Community
  • Safety and Privacy
  • Screen Time vs. Offline Time
  • Technology and Data
  • Rights and Literacy
  • Evaluating Content

Course Details

Updated Ignition Lessons 2019-2020

Connections and Community

This lesson focuses on digital literacy for students. Students practice building a positive online community, explore what having a digital identity means, and analyze online posts’ permanence and that impact.

Ignition Digital Literacy | Lesson 1 - Connections and Community

Safety and Privacy

Students learn what it means to have a digital footprint and ways to safeguard their privacy and security online.

Ignition Digital Literacy | Lesson 2 - Safety and Privacy

Screen Time vs. Offline Time

Students explore the potential consequences of spending too much time online and put a plan in place to create a healthy balance between on- and offline time.

Ignition Digital Literacy | Lesson 3 - Screen Time vs. Offline Time

Technology and Data

Students practice protecting their digital data in online simulations — from keeping their passwords safe to identifying digital threats.

Ignition Digital Literacy | Lesson 4 - Technology and Data

Rights and Literacy

Students navigate being responsible creators in the online world and learn about their personal digital responsibility and rights.

Ignition Digital Literacy | Lesson 5 - Rights and Literacy

Evaluating Content

Students learn how to confidently evaluate online content, analyzing it for accuracy and perspective. They’ll practice digital research skills by differentiating trustworthy sources and ads from inaccurate ones.

Ignition Digital Literacy | Lesson 6 - Evaluating Content


Frequently Asked Questions?
What are the big changes I can expect to see in the updated version of Ignition?

The refreshed version of Ignition includes six (6) digital literacy lesson plans focused on current challenges teens face in navigating their digital world. With a completely refreshed look and feel appealing to learners of all types, we’ll bring digital wellness to life through up-to-date content aligned to current trends in teen use. Key learning objectives still include digital safety, privacy, and digital responsibility while also offering increased depth of content for teaching digital wellness, evaluating online content, and digital communities.

I’m currently using the legacy version of Ignition and have written the lessons into my curriculum. What resources are there to help the transition go smoothly?

We understand the time and thoughtfulness educators have put into embedding Ignition into their digital literacy curriculum. To ease your transition, we’re providing a crosswalk document to help you map content in the legacy Ignition to the new lessons. In addition, we’ll have the full array of teacher resources including a curriculum guide, course outline, and refreshed lesson plans, available ahead of the course launch this summer.

How do I gain access to the new version of Ignition?

Access to the latest version of Ignition will be made available to all current users via their EVERFI dashboard starting this summer. If you are a new teacher to EVERFI, we encourage you to register at As always, thanks to our wonderful sponsors, unlimited licenses for Ignition are provided to educators at no cost across our educator network.

Can I go back to the legacy version of Ignition?

While we think the updates to both the content and delivery in the updated course will appeal to most learners and educators, for the academic year 2019-2020, we will support both the legacy and refreshed versions of Ignition. We encourage all educators to use the curriculum crosswalk to guide your transition and, as always, your local Schools Implementation Manager is available to help plan and assist a successful transition.

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