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Vaping: Know the truth

Middle and High School Vaping Prevention Resources & Tools to Help Students Quit

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Know
  • Uncover
  • Overcome
  • Change


Youth e-cigarette use remains at an epidemic level. This prevention-forward digital learning experience gives today’s students core knowledge around the dangers associated with using e-cigarettes and offers resources to help young people quit if they already vape. This course is particularly timely given that the COVID-19 pandemic has many schools seeking digital resources for students learning remotely and a recent study showing that young people who have vaped may be more likely to test positive for coronavirus.
Vaping: Know the truth is offered to K12 schools at no cost thanks to our work with Truth Initiative and Kaiser Permanente, in collaboration with the American Heart Association.


BEST FIT:Health, Advisory, Life Skills, FACs
TIME PER LESSON / TOTAL DURATION:5-10 min / 30-40 min

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Lesson 1


This lesson introduces learners to the activity of vaping, invites them to reflect on their awareness and knowledge of the topic, discusses a brief history of tobacco and nicotine use, and covers the ingredients present in common e-cigarettes.

Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

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