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Covid-19 Return to Work Training for Employees: Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment

Keep your workplace safe, promote employee well-being, and create a more inclusive work environment through our online COVID-19 training for employees.

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Navigating the Workplace During COVID-19

Our course, Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment, will help employees navigate their work environment through the lens of COVID. Whether your workplace shifted toward hybrid, remote work, or remained open, prepare your workforce for what comes next through online COVID-19 return to office training.

This course will teach employees strategies to protect their well-being with practical guidance about COVID, and how to return to the workplace or work remotely.

COVID-19 Course Topics Include

COVID-19 Basics and Best Practices for Physical Safety

COVID-19 Basics and Best Practices for Physical Safety

Establish a baseline knowledge for your workforce by providing an overview of the virus, its symptoms, and how it's spread. Getting everyone to speak a “common language” is the first step to communicating expectations as a part of your return to office training.

  • Defining COVID-19
  • COVID symptoms
  • How it's spread
  • Personal safety best practices
  • Community impacts
  • Vaccine efficacy
  • Herd immunity
Promoting Mental Wellness and Health
Working Remotely
Returning to the Workplace

Key Features and Benefits of our COVID-19 Training

EVERFI’s newly updated, 25-minute Covid-19 training for employees course is easy to launch to your entire workforce. Our content is designed to be used on mobile, desktop, and tablets to support flexible learning options.
Key features and benefits:

Impactful Content

Engage employees with high-quality course content based on real-world isses and driven by COVID-19 workplace regulations

Customized Courses

Tailor to your organization's unique needs through standard and premium configurations

Intuitive Platform

Easily create lists of learners and quickly assign courses to employees

Measurable Outcomes

Track progress and completion status through easy-to-use administrative dashboards

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See how EVERFI’s Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment online training course can play a critical role in helping your employees adapt and navigate a changing workplace.

  • Inspired by state-mandated COVID training requirements
  • 15+ unique customization moments to share company-specific policies or procedures
  • Cutting-edge course design
  • Responsive content for mobile, tablet, or desktop delivery
  • WCAG 2.0 AA
  • Flexible SCORM integration available

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Risk of Reopening

4 Hidden Risks of COVID-19 Return to Work Plans

As your organization prepares or evolves its return to work action plan, there are many health, safety, and operational issues that must be covered: employee schedules, wearing masks or other PPE, exposure protocols, work area design, hygiene, cleaning procedures, and more.