We are idea architects. We are expert problem solvers who believe that we can create and improve anything. Our understanding, capabilities, and solutions support everything that makes EVERFI work. From product, design, and development to the latest world-changing software, we scale walls no ordinary team can.

We reach for monumental goals every day:

  • Innovation—Everything lives here. It is the heart of EVERFI. So it takes an extraordinary level of ideation, problem solving, strategizing, progressive expertise to fuel the worldwide impact we create.
  • Agility—We don’t just create an outstanding idea for today. We make sure it still works tomorrow and is adaptable enough to kick long range goals, too. We stay far ahead of technology trends, anticipating every challenge, every need.
  • Impact—We don’t just work hard and go home. We live and breathe this stuff. Because in the end, we get to see millions of learners all over the planet using our EVERFI programs to change their world for the better.

Engineering in Action:

Jahan Addison, Senior Front End Engineer

"Engineering at EVERFI is about passion, impact, challenges, and achieving goals. I came onboard looking for tough problems to solve — I had no idea I'd fall in love with education technology.  The impact of my work, the progress in end-user growth, the colleagues working towards the same goal with smiles on their faces every day is what has kept me here for years. I have been given incredible opportunities, with an amazing team whom I call my friends. If you are looking for a tough, impactful team, EVERFI is the place — with outstanding leadership and benefits to boot!"

Gwen Latasa, Implementation Specialist

"As an Implementation Specialist I get to work with partners and Customer Success Managers to setup cloud-based educational experiences for their learners.  This role allows me to use my technical skills while interacting directly with the partner.  It's exciting to see my microsites being put to good use to help learners understand how to manage their finances."

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