At EVERFI, our interns are an important part of the team! EVERFI interns are empowered to act like owners, embrace diversity of thought and drive change. Our interns gain real world experience through collaboration, training and mentorship opportunities. We aim to provide our interns with the tools they need to hit the ground running and be successful professionals.

EVERFI Internship Program:

  • Learn—Accomplishments, mistakes, challenges—we learn from it all. We push ourselves to excellence every day and we inspire others to do the same.
  • GrowWe provide support, mentorship opportunities and access to innovative technology to hone their professional skills.
  • AchieveWith collaborative opportunities such as networking events, training sessions, panel discussions and more, our interns gain new skills every day, setting them up for successful careers.

Look Back in February/March for our 2020 Summer Internship Postings!

Interns who were brought on Full Time:


Vanessa Baioni, Jr. Content & Editorial Coordinator

"I love that my job at EVERFI allows me to combine my passion for education with my chosen career in public relations. Everything we do here is for a good cause and it's great to have a job with a purpose that you can feel good about."

Aaron Franklin, Social Media & Marketing Specialist

"From my first day as an intern at EVERFI, I was treated as a valued team member that could have a lot of impact on the company and my team’s growth. I enjoyed getting to work with almost every team and learning from talented and skilled individuals. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue at EVERFI after graduation and the internship program prepared me to transition into my full-time role seamlessly."

Robert Weisbecker, Interaction Designer

"Interning at EVERFI was a great experience, full of collaboration, experimentation, and learning from all the talented people around me. I was empowered to jump in and contribute immediately as a full member of the Product Design team, making decisions that affected learners and users of all ages, in addition to being given wide latitude to try new things and grow my skills."

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