Digital Learning Day

We are excited to announce our partnership with Digital Learning Day. Digital Learning Day is a national campaign that celebrates teachers and shines a spotlight on successful instructional practices and effective uses of technology in the classroom.

At EverFi, we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize all the committed teachers that have joined the mission to engage and train students in the critical skills that will help them be safer, better prepared and more successful in life.

We know that nothing will ever replace a highly effective teacher but digital learning offers an engaging companion to personalize learning, connect with students using the technology they love, and deliver real results.

In EverFi’s pursuit to provide digital learning resources to classes across the country, we’ve reached over 600,000 students across 5,000 K-12 schools and 450 colleges in this academic year alone. Since our inception, you’ve helped us certify 4.5 million students in critical skills.

So in recognition of Digital Learning Day and all that teachers do make the education experience richer and more engaging, we wanted to celebrate their efforts.

We asked our team members from all across the county to take photos of how they were celebrating Digital Learning Day. They Tweeted, Instagrammed and Facebooked a great collection of photos. We collected them and created this Digital Learning Day Pinterest page.