Education – A Financial Necessity


I’d like to think that some form of financial literacy has always been a staple subject taught in the modern American school. However, with the growing epidemic of recent college graduates entering the workforce with unprecedented levels of debt, it’s apparent they are not getting all the necessary financial preparation. Financial know-how is key in helping students weigh decisions on student debt and manage loans responsibly, ultimately giving them more options in our demanding economy.

Teaching the modern student requires a modern approach. In my classroom, a blend of both traditional instruction and interactive technology-based materials has proven far more engaging, and effective. With seemingly endless resources, traditional instruction materials were easy to develop and incorporate into my middle school career-preparation business classes, but finding ways to incorporate rigorous, technology-driven, engaging content proved to be more difficult…until I discovered EverFi.

Graduating from high school in 2006, I cannot recall a course that encompassed all of the concepts bundled in the EverFi Financial Literacy Program. This left me to pick up financial basics through a handful of high school courses and extend the rest of my learning into college, where I was already making many impactful and lasting financial decisions. Had I known about the impact of interest, credit scores, and consumer fraud (yes, I have been a victim) before interacting with them in the real world, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money. As a teacher, I am determined to offer my students the opportunity to not just learn about financial literacy, but allow them to role-play these decisions and experience the associated outcomes in a safe and realistic environment.

Through simulation and gameplay, EverFi has enabled me to offer this learning environment to each of my students and the impact has extended beyond our classroom. Our community is thrilled. I often hear comments like, “I wish I would have had that in school!” and “It’s about time they started teaching that!” from my parents and members of my community. It tells me that incorporating EverFi into my class was definitely a step in the right direction.

I am doing my part to ensure my original assumption is true…financial education is a staple subject at my school!