How Educational Technology is Changing the Face of Financial Education

Here’s the million dollar financial literacy question: How do you make topics like Mutual Funds and the Federal Reserve interesting to a bunch of high school students?

The answer is actually right in front of you – your computer.


At EverFi, we’re not just trying to change what kids learn, but how they learn it. We’re using web-based, interactive financial literacy curricula to help bridge the gap between dry, textbook financial literacy topics and the gaming world.

Technology is an easy solution – it’s a compelling and entertaining way to teach kids about the basics of personal finance. Yet while online learning is essential to help engage students while they learn new material, the student experience is just one piece of the education technology puzzle. Technology has opened a world of possibility for the field of financial education, especially here at EverFi.

Here are just a few ways our EverFi Financial Literacy platform is redefining how students learn about money:

Personalized Student Engagement with Adaptive Pathing


Not everyone learns at the same pace, and we know that students may already have a solid understanding of a few of the financial topics we cover. That’s why we provide adaptive pathing in our curricula, testing students as they progress through the course to see whether they’ve already mastered a topic or they need some extra content to reinforce important ideas.

Easy, Plug-and-Play Curricula for Teachers

A teacher’s time is a finite resource – and it’s one of the biggest challenges to teaching personal finance in the classroom. We also know that interactive and engaging technology is only useful if it’s easy to set up and use. That’s why we believe that one-on-one teacher training and school-to-company relationships are so important. Our platforms provide simple, scalable technology to teachers in any school environment. Something easy to use like EverFi ensures that critical lessons like financial education are taught in the classroom.

Tracked Knowledge Gains and Behavioral Change for Individual Students (and Across our Network)

Just as important as an interactive experience for students is the ability to track student progress and learning. Using student surveys and in-course assessments, the EverFi Financial Literacy platform measures and reports student knowledge gains and changes in student attitudes and behaviors, providing teachers and administrators with the ability to track, intervene and congratulate their students as they progress through the course.

Technology is changing the way students learn, the way teachers teach and the way we track knowledge gains. By leveraging a digital learning experience, we’re now able to create adaptive curriculum, provide in-depth student analytics to teachers and administrators and provide easy-to-adopt technology to ensure that teachers can be successful in the classroom.