EverFi Takes the National Stage

National Association of Attorneys General LogoEveryday, in thousands of classrooms, colleges and universities all across the county, students are logging in to the EverFi Platform and taking responsibility for their futures. These students are learning critical life-skills that will impact their lives far beyond the classroom.

This rapidly growing, national network was not born in a vacuum. It is a product of teamwork, partnerships and collaboration. EverFi is driven by the idea that every student should receive certain critical life-skills and we are building a coalition of respected schools, universities, brands and organizations that share this vision.

One organization that champions, fights for and fervently supports the empowerment of citizens is the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG). In addition to taking a national look at state justice, NAAG convenes bi-annual conferences to bring together each state’s Attorney General to collaborate, brainstorm and share solutions to the critical issues that impact people across their state and in their communities.

Talking Solutions

Ray Martinez speaking at National Association of Attorneys GeneralThis was why EverFi’s very own co-founder, Ray Martinez, was invited to present as panelist discussing the Climate of Education Technology. Education technology has been a growing buzzword over the past years and NAAG was looking for actionable steps to support improvements in education. Moderated by NAAG President and Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler, Ray took the stage with Dr. Nada Dabbagh, Director of Learning Technologies at George Mason University and Richard Culatta, Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education.

Ray’s co-panelists of education experts discussed the science behind the new digital learner and ways we are starting to adapt to meet their needs. But if there is one thing that perks up a room of action-oriented leaders with limited time…it’s solutions.

It takes a lot to get a room full of Attorneys General and their staff to look away from their smartphones and give undivided attention. But as Ray discussed EverFi’s model of bringing an innovative learning platform to thousands of educators while supporting it not through state budgets, but through private-sector partnerships, many emails went unread.

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