Get Certified and Get Blogging

FinLitMonthApril is Financial Literacy Month and we here at EverFi are incredibly excited about what’s going to be one of the busiest months we’ve ever had.  We’re working through final planning for a national roadshow that features over 50 events at schools in 20 states.   In collaboration with our sponsors, we’ll be helping schools kick off their financial literacy education programs and hosting ceremonies to issue diplomas to thousands of recently certified students.  From San Francisco to Washington, DC and many points in between, we’ll be on the road recognizing how so many communities are investing in the financial futures of their students.

Throughout April, we’re expecting 20,000 students across the country will complete their certifications.  And that’s in addition to the tens of thousands of middle and high school students that have already attained their certifications.


Every time we engage with students, we hear incredible stories about what they’ve learned, how their outlook has changed and the steps they’re taking to be better prepared for their financial futures.  All these great stories got us thinking over here at the ‘Fi and we decided to launch a national challenge to capture what’s on the mind of students.

As part of the EverFi Student Blog Challenge, we’re asking K-12 students across the country to put their creativity to work by writing a short blog post that shares their biggest takeaway and how they think completing a financial literacy certification will alter their future financial behavior.  Having looked at some of the early entries, I can attest to how fantastic many of these stories are.  We can’t wait to share these more broadly.

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Because every good challenge requires some recognition, we’ll be publishing the entries of four national winners on the EverFi Blog.  The student winners will also earn a $250 award and a $500 grant for their school.  Whether these student winners work with their schools to use to the school award to sponsor a pizza party or allocate the money to class projects or technology, we’re pretty confident that they’ll be heroes in the classroom.

All submissions are due by Friday, April 26, so all you students out there, get your certifications completed and get blogging.  We’re excited to capture your feedback and share your wisdom.

Happy Financial Literacy Month!