How to Improve Sexual Assault Prevention

Review key recommendations to help your institution make breakthrough progress in your sexual assault prevention efforts.

The purpose of this guide is to provide colleges and universities with strategies and best practices for preventing sexual assault. It begins with an overview of the current state of sexual assault on campus, its impact on survivors and their schools, and how institutions of higher education are currently responding.

It then proceeds with a discussion of best practices for sexual assault prevention, together with clear, evidence-based guidelines for a comprehensive prevention approach.

Download the “Improving Sexual Assault Prevention” guide, and learn:

  • The programming strategies that are most effective in addressing sexual assault.
  • Funding and headcount allocations toward prevention across higher education.
  • The impact of sexual assault on student retention, academic success and more.
  • Student reporting of sexual assault, and their judgment of institutional response.
  • Seven detailed recommendations administrative leadership can implement today.
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Download the Free Guidebook: Improve Sexual Assault Prevention