In 2018, both New York City and the State of New York passed expansive sexual harassment training requirements for all businesses. Both laws include similar requirements, but they do have their own nuance and different deadlines which have understandably caused confusion for the city and state’s many businesses.

We have combed through the details to provide clear-cut guidelines on how you can prevent sexual harassment in your workplace and stay complaint.

Download the guide to answer the following questions: 

  1. Which law does my business need to follow?
  2. How are “employees” defined?
  3. Do I have to train part-time employees?
  4. How soon do I need to train new employees after they are hired?
  5. When does this go into effect?
  6. What are the requirements for record-keeping?
  7. What kind of training is required?
  8. What should sexual harassment prevention teach learners?
  9. Are there requirements that reach beyond the training?
  10. Are there policy requirements for HR?

This guide was compiled by the EVERFI team of legal experts, but it is not intended as legal advice. Please consult with legal counsel to ensure your organization’s compliance with legal requirements.