Improving Student & Employee Wellness

Online programs, data, and services that drive
improvements to behaviors, attitudes and knowledge.

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Improve Your Approach to Sexual Assault Prevention

An evidence-based guide revealing what's working and
what's not in ending sexual assault

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The Relationship Between Alcohol & Sexual Assault

Review perspectives from +200k students regarding
alcohol consumption and behaviors around sexual assault.

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How to Exceed Title IX & Clery Act Compliance

Improve your approach to sexual assault prevention.

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Let’s Find a Solution for You

Our online programs, data and advisory services improve attitudes, behaviors and knowledge in four areas.

We Take a Different Approach

Our solutions improve attitudes, behaviors and knowledge – and help to go beyond compliance.

Proven Efficacy

Eight independent studies have been published demonstrating the efficacy of EverFi. Our approach improves attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge.

True Expertise

Our team includes public health professionals, research analysts, administrators from student affairs and prevention specialists, and more.


Our approach provides you with real-time access to attitudinal and behavioral data from students, faculty and staff taking your EverFi programs.

Exceed Compliance

Our solutions exceed the latest compliance requirements from Title IX, Clery Act (Campus SaVE/VAWA), EDGAR part 86, and more.

We Drive Results for Our Partners

Our 800+ partners span across public and private colleges and universities, and national fraternities and sororities.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University has achieved a 95% completion rate of their online sexual assault and alcohol prevention courses. Staff at the Oregon State University monitor progress to their completion goals daily via the EverFi Analytics Platform.


Student Completion Rate

Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University has made substantial progress with their alcohol and other drug prevention programs. Since they first adopted EverFi for alcohol prevention in 2006, they have observed a 34% reduction in “heavy drinking”.


At-Risk Drinking Reduction

Zeta Tau Alpha has fostered a values-driven approach to harm reduction in their sorority member education programs. With EverFi, they have achieved a +43% member knowledge gain on issues like sexual assault, hazing, and alcohol abuse.


Knowledge Gain

Indiana University

Indiana University has lowered student-loan borrowing by 16%, or $44 million, through their innovative approach to financial wellness education and programs. Using EverFi, Indiana University educates thousands of students every year.


Reduction in Borrowing

Harvard Case Study

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