Higher Stakes, Greater Promise This Fall

I’ve taken part in many a back-to-school rush through the years – as a student of course, but also as a teacher, a parent and recently on behalf of EverFi.


I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a rush like this year’s.

The end of summer inevitably brings a bit of disappointment for our kids – but it offers an exciting sense of possibility for educators: a fresh start. New students to impact. New programs to explore. Opportunities to improve and expand.

This year these opportunities are magnified through the lens of Common Core and the transition to online assessment. If nothing else, these shifts, impacting the vast majority of America’s schoolchildren, are forcing us to consider closely what and how we’re teaching, and whether that’s actually proving effective.

8272249413_5068b8f59d_nThe educators I’ve spoken with share this sense of possibility: from my child’s teacher to a senior state education department official, I’m hearing that for the first time in years, our schools have the wind at their backs: Funding in many states has taken a turn; class sizes may be declining. And new technology is allowing us to sharpen our instructional methods through personalization, timely feedback and more.


But while we may be feeling those tailwinds, the “shore” seems farther off than ever, as we expect more of our students – and thus of our educators – today than ever before.

With new tools we can – and should – go deeper and broader with our students.

With that sharpened focus we can teach skills that up until now we’ve had to neglect, and we can put to use different modalities – ways of teaching and reaching students – so that, indeed, no child gets left behind.

At EverFi we’re thrilled to be helping to meet the deepening and expanding challenges brought about by a globalizing society and an increasingly technology-based economy.  This fall we’ll release a host of new learning courses that teach a range of skills and build a range of knowledge, all in the name of supporting our schools’ and our teachers’ efforts to prepare students for college, careers – and a rapidly changing world.

8894453073_c069d09d2a_nIn the coming months you’ll find news about these new courses on our website – and, we believe, you’ll find information about them in the news, because as ever, EverFi is taking on newsmaking subjects, meeting tough-to-handle challenges and tough-to-broach topics.

Yes, summer has ended, and school’s back in session – but this ain’t your father’s back-to-school rush. This year, with some wind at our backs, we’re going further to give our kids the skills they deserve.