From Teacher to School Implementation Manager

I am lucky to spend the majority of my job with the people who undertake some of the most important work on the planet: teachers.

As an EverFi implementation manager, my role is to support teachers’ instruction, and enhance student engagement and achievement through EverFi’s digital curricula. I have the opportunity to work with district and school leadership, along with teachers, on a daily basis to ensure smooth adoption of our learning courses. This includes collaborating with educators to determine placement for our curricula, training teachers to use our resources, assisting with classroom implementation and providing support. As a former educator, I know that teaching entails so much more than what meets the eye. Being an implementation manager enables me to help teachers innovate in their classrooms in a way that allows them to focus their time and energy on what matters the most – students.

oak hill vaultIt is truly my passion and privilege to bring EverFi’s courses to students in my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Some of the amazing educators I work with include my former teachers, colleagues and friends – I even work with my own former students. Whether it’s teaching a high school senior about paying for college or changing a middle schooler’s mind about cyberbulling, EverFi’s lessons address some of the most pressing needs in today’s classrooms. When part of a teacher’s repertoire, EverFi has the ability to impact the lives of kids who will shape our community for the better.

I recently worked with Michelle Harcourt, who oversees the Fresh Futures summer youth employment program for students from low-income families. Students complete EverFi – Financial Literacy alongside their summer jobs so that while they are earning money, they are learning how to be financially responsible. One student recognized that her mom would benefit from the course, so she decided to go through it with her. Now they talk about money as a family, something they never did before. 

Implementation managers also have the opportunity to engage with community partners regarding the sponsorship of our courses. By bringing EverFi to teachers and students, I help bridge partnerships between them and the generous sponsors who have a stake in the health and success of schools.

From a sponsor meeting in an office with a skyline view, to a school’s tiny computer lab full of 4thgraders, no two days as an implementation manager are ever the same. What does remain constant is that I am always challenged, humbled and completely connected to the work and mission of EverFi – impacting the lives of students.

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