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The “C-word”: The Role of Context in Preventing Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assaults

Consent is probably the first “c-word” that comes to mind when thinking about the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault, but have you considered context?

Meet the Student Winners of the EVERFI Black History Month Challenge!

Winner: First Place Daniel F, North Carolina Being an African American male,…

Financial Literacy Month is More Important Than Ever Before!

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to end, “preparedness” has taken on new…

The Racial Wealth Gap & The Role of Youth Financial Education

Investing in youth financial education can begin to address social and economic issues that have impacted communities for generations.

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4 Lessons for Introverts in Post-COVID World

Support the wellbeing of students as they return to heavily programmed lives.

On-Demand | Prescription Drug Safety Classroom Discussion Activity

15 min.


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The First Step towards Pay Equity Is a Pay Audit

To address pay inequities holistically, companies must first determine their current state.

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This Vaccination Metric Can Teach Us A Lot About Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Herd immunity applies as much to diversity and inclusion as it does to COVID-19.

Diving Deep with EVERFI Financial Literacy

We proudly support Financial Literacy Month and recognize our teachers and partners…

Middle School Financial Literacy

When I started teaching financial literacy with EVERFI six years ago, it…

Virtual Volunteering

Use Your Leadership Development Plans to Prevent Pay Inequities

Leaders must look at their policies and practices to actively develop equity.

When Your Talent Acquisition Process Causes Pay Equity Issues

To address some of the root causes of pay disparities, review critical talent acquisition and management processes that influence pay.

Employee Spotlight – Mila Gorini

Meet Mila Gorini! Mila is a Senior Designer supporting our Design team…


A Dialogue Guide for Preventing Hazing in Greek-Letter Organizations

Data suggests that most fraternity and sorority members are uncomfortable with hazing and don't support it, yet it continues to persist.