District Case Study: Arlington ISD

Arlington Independent School District is the 11th-largest school district in Texas, with nearly 62,000 students across 75+ schools. Across the district, 75% of secondary students are enrolled in the career and technical education program. Eighty percent of AISD students are minority, and 69% receive free or reduced lunch.

Persuasion in Advertising

Media, the ads that come with them, and peer content on media platforms has permeated many aspects of our everyday activities. As educators, we can provide examples that show persuasion in advertising for students and facilitate conversations about the influences in our lives. Click to read more.

Understanding Algorithms with EdTech

Preparing students for subsequent shifts in the world around them requires that they have an appreciation for deeper concepts in the field of computer science. Teaching and understanding algorithms is the perfect introduction. 

How to be a Good Mentor: Seven Habits of Effective Advisors

Leading young adults in thoughtful reflection and goal setting is beneficial to school communities and campus morale. Mentoring fosters self esteem, forms connections, and positively influences young adults who participate in advisory classes. Learn how to be a good mentor:

Teaching Data Literacy Skills

Students aren’t equipped with the best analytical tool kit to take in and process all this information. How do we go about teaching data literacy skills to our students to prepare them? Learn more.