Budgeting Hacks Every Teen Should Know

As educators and adults managing our own financial and wellness needs, we know it is vital to set a foundation built on good habits at a young age to avoid common money mistakes. Here are five quick budgeting hacks that will help the teens in your life start adulthood with a strong financial base. Click to learn more!

Budgeting Lesson Plan

This budgeting lesson plan will teach students the difference between “wants” and “needs” using information from the Vault program. Click to learn more!

Teaching Budgeting: 3 Ways Educators Bring Budgeting to Life

A budget is just a plan for our money. When we are teaching budgeting basics to our students, we can frame that plan the way we would for any other-- as a strategy for hitting a goal. The goal, of course, being the life you want to design for yourself. Click to read more!

Surrounded by Negativity

A negative environment = negative thoughts = negative self-image = a negative view of the world. Fortunately, a process of reframing our negative thoughts into positive ones is a simple way to help retrain the brain to think more positively and create a more enjoyable life. Click to read more!

Learning to Save and Spend for My Future

Today we’re featuring a blog post from Zaira, an elementary school student who recently earned her Vault - Understanding Money certification. She shares how Vault helped her learn how important saving money was and how she could use these newfound skills to help her put money aside for her future. Zaira was one of two winners from Canada to win a $1,000 RESP Contribution! 

The Journey to Becoming an Engineer at The Canadian Space Agency

Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Cecelia, an elementary school student who recently earned her Future Goals - Hockey Scholar certification. Cecelia explains what she learned from completing Future Goals - Hockey Scholar and how it will help her become an engineer at the Canadian Space Agency. Cecelia was one of two winners from Canada to win a $1,000 RESP Contribution!