Creating More Compassionate Classrooms

I had been trying to start class for several minutes. Our normal post-weekend check-in had failed. Instead of hearing updates from each other, students were having side conversations about the school dance. Click to read more.

What’s a Credit Score?

Have your students asked you, "What's a credit score?" Do your students understand how credit scores are calculated?  If not, they are not alone. Click to read more.

5 Tips for Teaching Credit to Younger Students

Credit may seem like a very complicated topic to teach children, but like so many other lessons, it’s best learned early. Here are some popular tips on teaching credit and financial literacy to your younger students. Click to read more.

Teaching Credit Scores in the Simplest Way

Teaching credit scores to students can be a challenge for teachers. Credit scores are a complicated and sometimes opaque process that often leads to more questions than answers for students. How do we make it easier for our students?

From Financial Literacy to Financial Capability

Financial literacy is what you know, financial capability is how you act, and financial well being is what you get from your knowledge and actions. This report will explain how EVERFI approaches financial education to promote financial capability, not limited to financial literacy

Supporting Daughters in STEM

This is my daughter Ava Ava is four and a half years old and has endless possibilities in front of her She loves Wonder Woman, ballet, unicorns, Walt Disney...

Solving the “I Hate Math” Problem

“I hate math. Why do I need to learn this? I don’t see how this is going to help me in real life.” STEM is a great way to show students how math is integrated with other subjects and everyday life. Click to learn more.