NBA Legends, Shooting for Peace Launch 306 African-American History Program

Jerome Williams, National Basketball Retired Players Association Chapter Members, the Fathers and Men of Professional Basketball Players, and EVERFI, Inc., launched the 306 – African-American HistoryTM program, an interactive, web-based African-American history course designed to build shared values and inspire today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.

The Case for Prescription Drug Education

Kids are being exposed to opioids and other prescription drugs at younger and younger ages. What can we do to keep them safe? What kind of curriculum is necessary?

Small Colleges, Big Impact: Lessons in Sexual Assault Prevention from Small Colleges

EVERFI course data indicates that students at larger schools and those enrolled at small schools are more similar than different went it comes to sexual assault and interpersonal violence. But, what does that mean for smaller schools that, in many circumstances, have fewer resources and just as many obstacles as their larger counterparts?


8 Steps for Building an Effective Corporate Compliance Training Program

Corporate compliance is quickly shifting into the spotlight for companies throughout the nation, and for good reason. With movements such as #MeToo gaining momentum and attention, companies are now facing increased expectations and unprecedented accountability around the scope, quality, and impact of their training.