4 Ways to Teach #FinLit: Perspectives from EVERFI Educators

As educators, we know our students latch onto information most easily when they are already bought into the concept. There’s a reason so many of our physics colleagues take their students on an annual pilgrimage to the nearest theme park. The same can be said for building financial literacy, or “finlit”. Studies show that financial education programs are most effective when they cover topics that are pertinent to an upcoming financial decision, like heading to college, buying a car, or filling out their taxes for the first time.

As you’re getting started with second-semester curriculum and your students anxiously await graduation, take a look at a few ways teachers across the country are implementing EVERFI’s personal finance and business finance digital lessons:

Teresa Commerford, Business Teacher at Bucklin High School in Bucklin Kansas, has taken the self-paced approach in years past but has since begun incorporating the lessons on a schedule. Teresa uses the lessons as a jumping-off point for further classroom discussion and activities. Rather than simply following the curriculum from a book, she has created something dynamic that engages students in a variety of ways, exposes them to concepts multiple times, and provides room for practical application and lots of trial and error. “While all of the EVERFI modules are important and meaningful, I consistently find students most engaged in the Higher Education and Savings modules. These are two topics that my students connect with and understand. Living in a rural, fairly low-income area, my students and their families tend to be most concerned with those content areas and know their tickets to success are post-secondary training or education.”

At Mohawk High School in Sycamore, Ohio, Henry Stobbs uses EVERFI – Financial Literacy as a part of his blended personal finance and economics course. “Incorporated as part of a holistic classroom endeavor, [EVERFI] is superb,” he said. Mr. Stobbs gives students a window of time to complete the program in its entirety and allows them to retake the module quizzes as many times as they need to achieve a passing grade – helping students develop autonomy and to take ownership of their grade. At the end of the term, his students take the written Cumulative Exam and uses their performance as a final exam grade. You can find the Cumulative Exam, which offers supplemental question sets for each of the nine digital lessons, in the EVERFI Teacher Resource Center.

darcy-friberg-fair-grove-imageDarci Friberg teaches Personal Finance and Family and Consumer Sciences at Fair Grove R-X in Fair Grove, Missouri. Mrs. Friberg uses the EVERFI – Financial Literacy lessons as they correspond as an extension to the curriculum she already teaches in class. Students are given approximately one day a week to work on the program, with a final deadline at the end of the semester. “Students need information presented in a variety of ways,” says Mrs. Friberg,  “EVERFI’s digital lessons present the material in an engaging and interactive way.” She uses students’ post-assessment scores as an assessment grade, but allows students to retake the lessons and quizzes in order to work toward mastery.

jeff-wynn-imageAt Fitzgerald High School in Fitzgerald, Michigan, Jeffrey Wynn uses the Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition program as one activity to support the entrepreneurship and business finance unit in his Marketing classes. “Venture is an effective way of both learning and applying concepts and principles,” said Mr. Wynn. His number one reason for using Venture year over year? Because the self-paced lessons are seamlessly differentiated for students, and they have fun putting together a virtual business from the very basics of understanding business capital to tweaking their perfect elevator pitch. Mr. Wynn grades the entire program as a project, by averaging the four post-assessments built into the lessons within the program.

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