New company, new role, new platform. 90 days ago I was extremely anxious to start my first day at EVERFI. As Director of Customer Marketing at the leading education technology company for global ethics and compliance training, I get to chat with HR professionals, general counsels, and compliance officers on a daily basis. Hearing their stories, and taking the same training they administer to thousands of their own employees, has opened my eyes to a whole new world. From harassment prevention to GDPR training, the global topics we address at EVERFI are more necessary than ever.


That new world I am referring to is the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. The #MeToo and Time’s Up movements elevated the public conversation about how women are treated in the workplace. I think we all can say our eyes are wide open to these issues now.

As a woman, it’s empowering to see the strength and courage of other women who have stepped forward. In the past, I have been subject to harassment in the workplace. Back then, fresh into my career, I had no clue what to do. So I just stayed quiet and blamed it on myself. I think about young and vulnerable women beginning their own careers, and wonder if they are currently victims of harassment. Chances are they do not feel comfortable telling their manager that they have been the victim of harassment in fear that doing so would jeopardize their jobs.

Based on studies evaluated by the EEOC, approximately 70% of individuals who experienced harassment never even talked with a supervisor, manager, or union representative about the harassing conduct. Similarly, others are not likely to speak up if they witness someone else being harassed.

Because of what’s at stake, I now understand the importance of training all levels of an organization. From the employee who is newly empowered to speak out (bystander intervention), to the manager who better understands the gravity of microaggressions, everyone benefits from a company-wide commitment to harassment prevention training.

More than just another fast-growth tech company, what makes EVERFI a special place to work is our mission and the commitment to improving culture and creating great places to work. That’s why our work doesn’t stop with sexual harassment prevention. We also help global corporations address other complex issues at scale.  


As prepared as IT departments believe they are around Data Privacy & Security, it’s employee negligence and misconduct that’s our biggest data risk! Approximately, 95% of all data breaches are the result of human error. Data Privacy and Security is everybody’s job and mistakes by employees, contractors, and vendors can your business at risk.

Check out this phishing scam I received a few weeks ago allegedly from our CEO:

At first, it looked like Tom Davidson wanted to speak with me. But then I knew from our online Data Privacy & Security course to double check the email address. Chances are, if I didn’t know to how to spot potential scams and ping my  IT manager, I could have put EVERFI at risk.

Attacks like these are known as social engineering — trying to trick employees into doing something that we would never do if fully cognizant of our actions. We all need Data Privacy & Security training to teach us to recognize the more subtle forms of persuasion.

Speaking of which, check out this great clip from EVERFI’s new Global GDPR course.


From Kimberly-Clark to Patagonia, our customers are passionate about building great workplaces and take Global Ethics and Compliance training seriously. Vox Media will require all 950 of its employees and its Board of Directors to take an EVERFI’s online Harassment Prevention courses in 2018. Patagonia puts a huge emphasis on Data Security to protect the information of their customers and to create a data security mindset in the office.

Earlier this year, a company came to leveraging EVERFI for its online anti-harassment training after several women accused their CEO of sexual harassment. These brave women were inspired by the movements and ultimately decided to come out and demand change. After the CEO was charged, the company wanted to send a strong signal that this type of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated in the future and they selected EVERFI to support that initiative.  


Compliance and HR leaders are reaching out to EVERFI in search of online training programs to reach their global workforces. They understand the connection between corporate culture, success, and values. A check-the-box approach to compliance training that just focuses on the letter of the law is not going to cut it anymore. Organizations want engaging content that builds competency and confidence in understanding global workplace conduct. Equally as important, employers want to make it known around the globe that these courses are protecting their employees and building great places to work. As an example, Nexstar, a publicly traded US broadcasting company, joined EVERFI to send a message not only to their whole workforce but to Wall Street that investing in these critical trainings is core to their values.

I am heartened by the steps and best practices our customers are taking, which makes me even more passionate about the work I do to spread the word. If you are interested in revamping your Global Ethics and Compliance trainings for your organization, please visit EVERFI or send me a note at